Firearms Instruction

Regularly scheduled open enrollment courses in marksmanship, weapon manipulation, employment, and considerations with pistols, carbines, and shotguns. Custom tailored private instruction by appointment. Advanced courses for those who meet prerequisites. Specialized training available by request.


GMA is available to advise clients on personal security considerations including but not limited to purchase of equipment, ongoing training, home and business security. We are also available for media appearances concerning gun rights, gun laws, self defense, technical advising, and firearms training.

Testing and Evaluation

Having worked in the firearms industry in various capacities from graphic design and marketing, manufacturing of tactical gear, manufacturing of firearms and components, firearms and suppressor design, and firearms instruction, GMA is well positioned to test and evaluate new products relating to this industry and provide valuable feedback to clients.


Green Mountain Armory was established in 2008 by Wesley Raney. Based out of Hartland, VT, GMA has provided various services to the firearms community. Initially offering custom sewn tactical gear and later graphic design to the firearms industry, GMA has focused almost exclusively on firearms training since 2013. GMA is a strong advocate for the Second Amendment at the state and federal levels, appearing on television, in print articles and political events in support of gun rights. Green Mountain Armory strives to provide the highest quality firearms instruction in the most accessible format to responsible armed citizens, law enforcement, and military personnel.